The Soil Saver Composter

Busch Systems


The Soil Saver compost bin is an easy way to convert common yard and food waste into an effective fertilizer, a process which saves valuable landfill space.

It has natural insulating properties due to its structural foam construction, a feature which also makes it resistant to weather and UV rays. Its large capacity means that it can serve a household of up to five people. In addition, the locking lid helps to keep pesky animals out of the compost.

- Capacity: 12 cu. ft. (323 liters)
- Dimensions: 28L x 28W x 32H
- Weight: 28 lbs
- Material: Polyethylene

- Sturdy 1/5 plastic construction
- Dual slide up doors
- Large locking lid
- Easy to assemble, no tools required

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