Ethanol Fuel Cell Science Education Kit

Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies


The Ethanol Fuel Cell Science Kit shows the workings of a direct ethanol fuel cell and the principles behind the conversion of ethanol into electrical energy through oxidization. Begin the process in the ethanol/water mix container then transfer this solution into the fuel cell via silicon tubing where it will be converted into electrical energy to power a mini turbine. A demonstration of the future of fuel cell technology before your eyes.

-Understanding the workings of an ethanol fuel cell
-pH paper shows change of property of the consumed ethanol fuel
-Includes experiment guide on CD, as well complete manual
-Fuel solution can be made with household items


Bio-energy experiments:

-Create electricity from ethanol and water
-Exploring polarity
-Ethanol fuel consumption
-Exploring the effect of varying fuel concentrations
-Create electricity from wine and beer
-Exploring the effects of temperature
Kit Contents:
 - Ethanol / Water mix container
 - Ethanol fuel cell
 - Silicon tubing
 - Electric fan loads
 - Connector wires 

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