100 Pack - Ditto Paper Hangers - Clip Top

Ditto Hangers


PLEASE NOTE: The metal clips are not included and must be ordered separately. 

What kind of hangers do you have in your closet?  Ditto Ecological Hangers made by Green Heart Global are Tree-free, environmentally safe, not-toxic and 100% recyclable.

The Ditto Ecological Paper Hangers replace the toxic, non-recyclable for consumers, retail and dry cleaning businesses. Strong and long lasting, the Ditto Paper Hanger can hold over 20lbs, strong enough to hold the heaviest leather jacket or winter coat.  Ditto Paper Hangers can fit twice the amount of clothing in the same closet space! They are great for travel, kids camps or storing clothing.

Quantity: Pack of 100

Length: 15 in or 38 cm
Height: 7.5 in or 19 cm
Thickness: 0.14 in or 3.5 mm

 - With the incomparable quality, fully recyclable metal clip, making them suitable for trousers, shorts etc.
 - The same heavy-duty, recyclable hangers used on the retail floors of major clothing companies around the world
 - 100% non-toxic, 100% recyclable in all paper recycling systems--can even be composted.
 - Fits 50% more clothing in small closet spaces
 - Non-tangling
 - Perfect for college dorms, traveling, vacations, cruises, summer camps and business trips
 - Write on them for organizing your clothing or seasonal storing
 - Certified to be lead, chlorine, formaldehyde, azo dye and heavy metal free
 - Uses only soy-based inks and starch-based adhesives

Buy Ditto Hangers and help to keep 8 Billion toxic hangers from going into landfills every year. With your help, we're saving the planet one hangar at a time.

Our award-winning and revolutionary hangers are manufactured from the world's most recycled materials, Recycled Paper.

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