Deskside Recycling Bin

Busch Systems


This handy recycling bin fits neatly under a sink or underneath the drawer of standard desks.  It takes up little space in your kitchen.

This bin has been a very popular container in offices everywhere. With its convenient ability to fit underneath the drawer of standard desks, this deskside bin reduces "lazy tosses", ensuring recyclables are where they should be. Its dimensions are perfect for stacking paper. It collects a perfect stack of 8.5" x 11" and A4 paper, ideal for all business office recycling programs.

Two (2) Colors:  Blue and Green

It can also be used in the kitchen for the collection of cans, bottles, compost, waste, etc. Its lightweight yet durable construction makes it easy to handle and strong enough to withstand day to day wear and tear.
The container is extremely durable, will not leak, and is easy to clean

Doesn't take up a lot of space. Made from recycled plastic.

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