Battery Recycler Bin

Big Sky Fulfillment


The BATTERY RECYCLER is designed to provide a safe and easy way to collect and store used batteries for recycling. By placing a hole onto the lid of every BATTERY RECYCLER, it removes the need to take off the top when placing used batteries inside. This feature also removes the risk of fire by allowing the venting of dangerous gasses that accumulate when used batteries are stored. The size and weight of each BATTERY RECYCLER when full, allows anyone; regardless of age or physical ability, to collect and recycle his or her used batteries.

- 1.5 Gallons (6 Quarts / 5.7 Liters)  
- Weight: Full-17 lbs. or Empty-0.75 lbs.  

- Dimensions: 12 Height x 6 Diameter

 - Made in USA  
 - 100% Recycable
 - Customized lid for easy depositing of used batteries
 - Durable construction
 - Can be used in both the home and workplace
 - Increases awareness and participation in any recycling program
 - Rear label provides important safety and compliance information
 - Ability to have rear label customized to display your information

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