Bambooware Kids Animal Set

Bamboo Studio


Bamboo Kids Mealtime Set is specifically designed for children who are beginning to eat on their own. The colorful, durable next generation set promotes self-feeding habits, is easy to handle for small hands and helps contain mess.

Five (5) Animal Styles: Bruno the Cow, Hopper the Frog, Pinky the Pig, Peyton the Panda, and Monty the Monkey

 - Cup: 3" Diameter by 2.5" High and 7 ounces
 - Bowls: 4" Diameter and 8 ounces

 - Plate: 9.125" Diameter

Live Beautiful. Live Green!  Why you will Love It: 

 - Age: 6 months and up
 - Colorful, Fun and Stylish designs to keep young children engaged
 - Ergonomically designed
 - Rounded and safe sides designed for easier scooping
 - Organic and Earth-friendly
 - FDA approved food safe
 - Ergonomically designed
 - Dishwasher safe
 - Reusable BambooWare
 - Made from Renewable Bamboo
 - Sturdy, strong and durable
 - No harsh chemicals or bleaches used
 - Requires little energy to make and 100% biodegradable

 - The last dish you will ever need!

Bamboo Studios line of Bamboo Kids items are designed to be as eco-friendly as possible, retaining all the strength and beauty of traditional plastic materials, but with the added benefits of sustainability. Our bowls, plates, cups and utensils are all biodegradable, so you can feed your children safely, positively and consciously.

The benefits of choosing bamboo as a material for production are numerous. Bamboo is one of the worlds most sustainable resources. A critical resource in the balancing of oxygen and carbon dioxide, bamboo takes in nearly five times the amount of greenhouse gasses and produces 35% more oxygen than an equivalent stand of trees. By encouraging the growth and utilization of bamboo, we can begin to limit the negative impact we have on the environment.

As a more durable alternative, Bamboo Studios line of BambooWare items retain all the strength and beauty of material such as Melamine, but with the added benefits of sustainability. Designed from theground up to be as eco-friendly as possible, we begin by taking the fiber of bamboo plants five years or older and grinding it into a fine powder. Utilizing a proprietary process, we mold this material into sturdy, long-lasting items capable of withstanding even the toughest of industrial dishwashers. As youve come to expect from Bamboo Studio, all of our BambooWare bowls, plates, cups and utensils are completely biodegradable and all-natural.

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