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Vitality Glassware

Miron Violette Glass is a small manufacturer in Switzerland which through generations of research developed very special containers, uniquely formulated to preserve and enhance the vitality of organic goods stored within. After laboratory testing and validation, this glass has been proven to be very effective in preserving foods and medicine. Due to high manufacturing and production costs, violet glass was sold only as original packaging for very exclusive foods, body care and medical products. Miron glass was not available for consumer use. Now Miron Violet Vitality glassware makes the Swiss Science of Violet Glass available to the public!
Vitality glassware is much more than a colored glass. Vitality glassware celebrates the Swiss science of Miron violet glass; the first ever aroma improving, freshness preserving, bio-life enhancing container. We all understand that sunlight enables plants to grow. However, the effect of the suns light changes after harvesting, accelerating the molecular decaying process. Miron Vitality Glassware is an antioxidant glass that works essentially like a natural filter; bio-vitality and aromas are improved by allowing in 3 very specific frequencies of light that have been found to nurture and protect all natural substances: visible violet light and non-visible UVa and Far-Infrared lights.
Miron Vitality Glass was developed by the Swiss scientist Yves Kraushaar following more than 14 years of research. The secret of this special glass is based on the fact that the molecular structure of any substance is permanently activated and energized by “violet life radiation.” This also explains the violet glass’s high natural preservation capacity. Vitality Glass was first developed as containers for a line of energetic medicines in Cypress. The glass was chosen because violet light shows the highest vibration frequency (720 – 770 billion Hertz) of all colors, corresponding exactly to the vibration frequency of our central nervous system.
The Human eye can see the rainbow spectrum of colors; with violet at one end and red at the opposite. Beyond these two colors go the Ultraviolet and Infrared spectrums of non-visible light. Vitality Glassware is black looking, yet truly violet glass and is only penetrable in the visible range, to the violet frequency of light, hence its perceived color. Miron Glass Violet Glass Vitality glassware Violiv visible and non visible light frequency chart of violet glass permiability. Non-visible far-infrared light is a powerful healing frequency within the larger band of Infrared light. Used nowadays in many healing modalities and technologies, Far-Infrared light sustains the molecular viability and structure of goods stored in Vitality Glassware.
The Bio-Violet Evolution. Now available as Violiv Vitality Glassware and known by some as mmJars, the demand for Vitality Glassware is expanding into new and developing markets.Yoga pose  Miron Glass Violet Glass Vitality glassware Violiv Vitalitygoods   Raw food customers, high end chefs, health experts, Yoga studios, vital living enthusiast and designers, seed savers, gardeners, wellness retreats and eco-spas are discovering the vast uses for the apothecary and twist-top varieties of this durable, heirloom quality, life enhancing glassware. Try it for yourself!