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Solio Chargers

Let the Sun charge your electronics. 

Discover ECO-MOBILITY with Solio chargers belong to a new category of products designed to support a more sustainable world.

Every Solio comes from World-class engineering, Earth-friendly designs including being built for easy dismantling and recycling.

When you use a Solio Charger, you are doing a little part to help the planet!  We recommend that you charge from the sun as much as possible. It’s free, and it helps the environment.  Did you know wall chargers consume electricity even if no device is attached. Please ensure that you unplug them when not in use.  What convenience does charging outdoors provide you.  Remember to try to place the Solio Charger in direct sunlight and it will give you its best performance. Alternatively, leave Solio attached to a sunny window for future need. The Solio is designed for a long life span. Handling it carefully will ensure solar power for many years.