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    PacknWood is the American and British brand of the family-owned French company, First Pack, which has been a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative food service products for over 35 years. Renowned for its strong commitment to the environment and broad range of fashionable, functional products, PacknWood has become an international tableware brand that continues to develop new products under the core philosophy of “ecolomique,” a blend of French words for ecology and economy that the brand coined in 1990. PacknWood’s goal is to create value by using natural, compostable and recyclable materials to design simple, high-quality products that are equally elegant and functional. The broad range of products extends from takeout packaging and lunch platters to tableware, utensils, and wares for catering, baking, cocktails and events.
    Packnwood strives to find environmentally responsible solutions, to offer the very best high-quality products, and to providing outstanding customer response and service.