Desktex Smooth Back Desk Mat



 Recycled PET range of desk protection products.  Desk mats, desk protectors, multi-purpose mats and place mats.  Keep your desk clean, tidy and organised.  All mats feature an embossed surface.  Anti-static mats for use with lap tops.  Anti-slip mats and place mats to prevent accidental movement.
Manufactured entirely from post consumer PET. Featuring and embossed surface and smooth back, this desk mat will protect your surfaces from scratches, scuffs and spillages. Heat resistant to 60°C / 140° F. All Ecotex desk mats are produced using up to 30% renewable energy produced from a wind turbine.There's more to FloorTex than preserving floors. Desk spaces are every bit as important to protect and there's a range of mats specifically designed to keep them clean and well organised. They're made from a variety of materials for a whole range of applications.
Two (2) Sizes:
- 17" x 22"  Pack of two (2)
- 19" x 24'' Pack of two (2)
- 20" x 36"
 - Shape: Rectangular
 - Material: Recycled PET
 - Color: Slightly tinted blue/green
 - Backing: Smooth
 - Application: Desk Protection
Recycled PET Desk Mats
 - 100% post-consumer recycled PET desk mat range from Floortex.
 - Produced from recycled drinks bottles so slightly tinted.
 - Extremely durable.
 - Reliably protects desks from scratches, scuffs and spillage.
 - Features heat resistant embossed surface (up to 60°C / 140°F).
 - Provides a perfect writing surface compatible with optical and ball operated mouse units
For the last 10 years Floortex has been at the forefront of innovation in the manufacture and marketing of floor protection products.  Offering an unrivalled range and exceptional quality, Floortex products provide unquestionable value.

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