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Made in Canada

Canada's culture is a product of its ethnicities, languages, religions, political and legal system(s). Being a settler nation, Canada has been shaped by waves of migration that have combined to form a unique blend of art, cuisine, literature, humour and music. 
Today, Canada has a diverse makeup of nationalities and constitutional protection for policies that promote multiculturalism rather than cultural assimilation. In Quebec, cultural identity is strong, and many French-speaking commentators speak of a Quebec culture as distinguished from English Canadian culture. However as a whole Canada is a cultural mosaic a collection of several regional, aboriginal, and ethnic subcultures
Canadians, take pride in the things that are truly part of the fabric of Canada. While Canadians tend to get lost in the barrage of products coming from our southern neighbors, it’s not hard to identify Canadian inventions that are popular here, and abroad. Tim Hortons, anyone? Check out this assortment of  products that Canadians are proud of and are good for you and the planet. 
While hockey players and great beer may be Canada’s favorite exports, there are actually tons of great Canadian products used around the world every day. And while everybody knows the telephone was invented in Canada, how many people know that 95 per cent of the world’s Lentils come from Saskatchewan, or that we make more submarines than most countries combined?