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Little Earth Classics

The Original Classic that Defined Eco-Fashion!
For almost two decades, Littlearth has been pushing the boundaries of what eco-fashion can achieve.
Our license plate purses and recycled rubber bottle cap belts have helped to bring environmentally friendly fashion out of the granola age and into the fashion age. We've always thought that being good to the earth doesn't have to mean that you have to sacrifice your sense of style or individuality.
We are proud to be offering eco-friendly fashion items. All of our license plate product are really made of license plates that our obtained once someone returns their used plates to the state. We only use the ones that are in top condition. Each is polished up before production, and if it does not meet our high standards for quality, it is sent for recycling.
We offer six different products made from license plates using all 50 States.  Get a purse from the state that means the most to you!
These are real recycled plates! Every plate is different! But they all look cool!