There are many great reasons to buy hand mad and handcrafted eco-friendly products.

More than Just a Product - if you look back in time at some of the most successful companies in history, they all stood for something much more than just business. They all had something to say and believed that they could make a difference to people’s lives. It’s much the same when you are looking into handcrafted products. Often times, consumers will ‘buy in’ to the values of the designer or maker they are purchasing from. Buying something that’s been made by hand often means that the item carries more meaning that simply being a product.
Sentimental Value - another very popular reason for purchasing handmade products is that they tend to hold a far greater sentimental value for the recipient. Knowing that your new item has been lovingly designed and made is something that really appeals to consumers when they’re looking for an extra special gift or special treat for themselves. It might also be the case that the product has been made by someone they know, which of course makes it much more treasured than an item coming from the end of a factory line.
Quality - craftsmen are often masters of their trade, having practiced it for many years. When people are looking for an item of exceptional quality, they often turn to someone who has this experience and knowledge. Knowing that your item will be made with the personal touch by someone who is passionate about their craft means that the quality should be of a very high standard. As an example, many hi-fi enthusiasts will always rate the quality of amplifiers that have been hand wired, and will always tell you that they sound so much better. Another example would be hand built cars; the dream of any true motoring enthusiast!
Individuality - part of the problem many people have with mass produced products is that they all come out looking exactly the same. This is fine if you’re not too worried about making a statement, but what if you want something slightly different from the norm? Take contemporary jewelry as an example. Often, people will want something that looks a bit different and new. Finding a good designer-maker will certainly open up options that you definitely wouldn’t be able to find on the high street.

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