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Green Planet Paints

Green Planet Paints presents a premium line of high-performance interior paints.  Combining the rich complexity of mineral pigments with leading edge plant chemistry, Green Planet Paints has taken earth-friendly paint to a whole new level.   The result is a truly sustainable paint that is tough, durable, long lasting, easy to apply and a pleasure to the senses.
Whether the project is a home, office, a new baby’s room or a ‘face lift’ for your kitchen, Green Planet Paints is the perfect solution for the green-minded painter, designer and do-it-yourselfer.
Green Planet Paints cone in three vibrant finishes including Flat, Eggshell and Semigloss.  The paints have what we call a Renaissance Palette, which means we have up to 120 mineral and clay based colors with the ability to color match just about anything.  Features of these paints are many including exceptional performance, rugged durability, True Zero VOC and easy application.  Using Green Planet Paints can earn you up to to 4 LEED Points as it will improves air quality.  Call us and learn why you need to paint your living environment with a revolutionary and natural paint.