Green Guru

Green Guru Gear is devoted to products and fashions that have a positive environmental and social impact, while raising ecological awareness. Dedicated to the design and manufacture of gear and products from recycled or reclaimed materials, Ecologic Designs and its Green Guru and Green Goddess Gear is able to help the earth while providing its user with incredibly durable, dependable and stylish products.
We started Green Guru because we love the great outdoors. We like to play and we play hard. Our adventures take us to amazing destinations. We noticed that the gear we play with had a negative impact on the environment we enjoy so much. We also saw an opportunity to make real, positive change within the industries and activities we love.
Green Guru Gear hopes that you too are interested in making a change. We promise to work hard to provide products that have a positive impact on the world we enjoy riding, surfing, skiing, boarding, biking, hiking, skating, climbing, running, walking, swimming, etc.
Be green and so will your pastures!

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