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The EcoAlkalines™ Difference

EcoAlkalines™ batteries strive to be an environmentally conscious disposable battery alternative to national leading brands and rechargeable batteries, supplying consumers with the standard sizes of the common alkaline battery (AA/LR6, AAA/LR03, C/LR14, D/LR20, and 9V/6LR61 in various quantities) that aim to lessen environmental climate change impact by purchasing carbon offsets and supporting projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Why Buy or Sell EcoAlkalines™ Batteries?

  • EcoAlkalines Eco-Responsible Batteries® can support corporate green initiatives, such as LEED by USGBC.
  • Digital quality power
  • Certified carbon neutral by for Canada and the United States
  • Consumers' desire for eco-responsible products

EcoAlkalines™ Batteries are considered eco-responsible because:

  • They are certified Carbon Neutral, and every purchase contributes to's carbon offset projects.
  • They use packaging with recyclable paper that is up to 80% recycled material, with PET plastic that is also recyclable. The batteries up to 99.6% recoverable (86-92% recyclable dependent on battery size, region, and/or facility). Battery recycling programmes may not be available in all areas. See "Recycle Your Batteries" for more information.

Other features:

  • They are RoHS and 2006/66/EC compliant and contain no trace amounts of Mercury, Cadmium or Lead.
  • They are safe to dispose in household waste (does not contain any hazardous substances listed in Canadian Environmental Protection Act (1999), Schedule 1 or Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) regulation 40 CFR 261).

Digital Quality Power

EcoAlkalines™ batteries are digital quality batteries. With the increasing power demands of everyday household devices, digital quality batteries are a necessary and popular choice for consumers. Digital devices such as digital cameras, wireless computer mice and wireless toys function best with digital alkaline batteries.