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ECO LunchBox

ECO Lunboxes are healthy for people and the planet.  Our stainless steel bento boxes and artisan lunch bags with napkins are plastic-free, waste-free, lead-free, BPA-free, PVC-free and vinyl-free.

Our eco lunch box kits are hewn from non-toxic materials used safely for generations. We offer BPA-free stainless steel lunchboxes & machine washable cotton lunchbags. Learn more about our artisan textiles. Did you know that a family packing a waste-free lunch saves $400 annually and averts 4,320 pieces of trash?

My kids were in preschool when I started the daily battle of the lunch. What to pack? (Answer: healthy stuff they’ll eat!) How to pack it? (Answer: containers they can open & close and that don’t fill up the garbage can!).  What I’ve come up with is a back-to-the-basics solution. The kit starts with a 100% cotton, machine washable bag with matching cloth napkins. Inside the bag, which can be converted from shoulder bag, to sling bag to backpack, are reusable bamboo utensils, and a two-level stainless steel ECOlunchbox sized to fit a sandwich. What have I left out? Plastics. Disposables. Vinyl. PVC. Lead. And, of course, the lunch. That part is up to you!

I hope you and your family enjoy using my ECOlunchbox Kit. After all, it’s healthy for people and the planet. What could taste better than that?