Order 100% Natural Disposable Cutlery and Tableware
We are dedicated to developing and producing disposable cutlery and tableware that are convenient for use in our modern world, but that are made from RENEWABLE resources.
All of our products are made from resources that are harvested in a SUSTAINABLE way. This means that they can be re-grown and re-harvested over and over again.  Many have thought that environmentally responsible products must be unattractive. It is our goal to make sure our products are even more ATTRACTIVE than the others.
The products:  Our disposable, biodegradable, and compostable wooden cutlery is 100% natural and is made of birch wood while our eco-friendly palm leaf plates and bowls are made from fallen palm leaves. These wooden knives can cut steak, and the wooden forks can handle salads. Eco-gecko disposable cutlery and tableware all work well with hot or cold foods. There are no coatings, waxes, or chemicals of any sort added to our naturally beautiful tableware. Therefore, all of our disposable tableware products are free of toxicants and are accepted at all composting facilities on the basis of being composed of completely organic material.
Make your next family gathering, office party, wedding ..... a lighter on the planet with our distinctive tableware!

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