Twin Tip DT Paddle Out Longboards

Bamboo Skateboards


Looking for an environmentally friendly variation to your standard drop-through set up? Well then look no further. This hybrid bamboo and maple deck gives the perfect balance of flex and strength with great control. The Twin Tip is a truly versatile board; ideal for bombing hills, as well as a great board to cruise to class or to the beach.

Two Options:
 - Deck

 - Complete Board

Deck  - 70% Bamboo Construction 3ply bamboo and 2ply maple. Size 40 x 9.25

The Complete Includes:
 - Tracker Fastrack Silver 180mm trucks
 - 70mm/78a, Barrel wheels
 - Abec 7 Runner bearings

 - Clear Grip Tape, 1.25 Hardware

Why Bamboo?  We choose bamboo because of its endless renewability as a resource, and its minimal effect on the environment. When skateboarding took over flooring as one of the major contributors to maple deforestation, our mission became to explore other ways of making skateboards. Bamboo not only aids in creating better boards, but it is stronger than its wooden counterpart. Choose the board the pros use and be assured the board will not break easily. People choose bamboo because it is lighter than wood, this means more tricks in mid-air.

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