Square Tail Bamboo Longboards

Bamboo Skateboards


Tailored and tapered with clean lines, this 39 square tail shape was designed by industry legend Dale Smith. The extended wheel-well positions allow you to carve and charge through high-speed turns without wheel bite. Enjoy the fresh breeze in your face as you bomb that hill or simply cruise the beach walk or college campus.

Two Skate Options:
 - Deck only

 - Complete Board

Deck - 70% Bamboo Construction 3ply bamboo, 2ply maple. 38.75 x 9.65, nose: 2.625, tail:5, wheelbase: 26.75, thickness: 0.5

The Complete Includes:
 - Tracker Fastrack Black 150mm trucks
 - 70mm/78a, Yellow wheels
 - Abec 7 Runner bearings
 - Clear Grip Tape
 - 1.25 Black Hardware

 - 1/4 Flat Hard Risers

Why Bamboo?  We choose bamboo because of its endless renewability as a resource and its minimal effect on the environment. When skateboarding took over flooring as one of the major contributors to maple deforestation, our mission became to explore other ways of making skateboards. Bamboo not only aids in creating better boards, but is also a very strong choice to use as a skater. The boards we make will not break or wear down easily, this can be thanked to bamboo's tough structure.

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