Allsop Home and Garden

Allsop Home and Garden
Allsop Home and Garden is a small family business, started by a father and a daughter who were inspired to create a better wheelbarrow. Now, nine years later we are still inspired to create the best, the most innovative and conscientious products possible from original garden tools to solar lighting. 
At Allsop Home and Garden we know that we all benefit from working as a team where each employee has the opportunity and is encouraged to help create, design and innovate. Employees here are asked to wear many hats and are energetic people who thrive in a creative work environment.
As the founders of the concept "solar garden art," Allsop Home and Garden is known for unique combinations of green solar technology, efficient LED lighting, artisan hand-blown glass and use of other creative materials with solar power. 
Collectively Allsop Home and Garden and Allsop holds over 450 patents world wide. With this in mind, our mission is to create innovative and meaningful products that are as important to you as they are to us.
Check out the many great designs to light up and accent you special outdoor places.  Our solar garden art will make a wonderful statement that you and anyone else who sees them will love for many years!

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