Renewable Energy Education Set

Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies


The Renewable Energy Science Education Set is a modular experiment set designed to demonstrate the workings of a complete clean energy technology system on a miniature scale.
With this kit, an entire miniature renewable energy system can be constructed on a lab-scale. This set includes a wind turbine kit, a solar photovoltaic panel, an electrolyzer, a PEM fuel cell, and hydrogen storage system encouraging users to learn the system step by step, configure the system in different ways, and visualize the workings of clean energy principles from start to finish.
Set Includes:
 - 1.5W PEM electrolyzer module
 - 0.3W air breathing PEM fuel cell module
 - Water storage tanks module
 - Hydrogen storage tank module
 - Multi-connector board module
 - Mini fan module
 - Solar photovoltaic cell
 - Tubing & accessories
 - User manual & experiment guide
Horizon fuel cell developed a complete line of renewable energy science experiment sets and battery-free toys. In 2009 we partnered with science experts and educators in the US to develop high value educational content and teacher manuals that will bring renewable energy to the classroom.
Designed as the chemistry sets of tomorrow, our kits are designed to explain renewable energy science in a classroom environment, for school projects and science fairs, or as fun and interactive activity sets for the entire family.

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