Divided Bamboo Plates

Bamboo Studio


Made from 100% natural aged bamboo wood. Bamboo is quickly emerging as an alternative resource to other types of wood. In the past, people intuitively used it as a basic material for making many different household objects and small structures. However ongoing research and engineering efforts are enabling us to realize bamboos true value as a renewable, versatile, and a readily-available resource.
Two (2) Sizes:
 - Double: 4.6 inches long four (4) pack
 - Triple: 7 inches long ten (10) pack
Solid Bamboo Features:
 - All natural
 - Naturally antimicrobial
 - Biodegradable
 - No harsh chemicals or bleaches used
 - Requires little energy to make
Care includes: Hand wash, towel dry.  Do not use in dishwasher.
Our reusable BambooWare product line is a revolutionary dishware that is eco-friendly, biodegradable, beautiful and durable.  The process begins by taking the fiber of bamboo plants five years or older and grinding it into a fine powder.  Utilizing a patented process, we mold this material into beautiful, durable, eco-friendly plates, bowls and trays that are all 100% biodegradable.  Each piece of our BambooWare line is FDA approved food safe and can withstand even the toughest industrial dishwashers.  For the first time, BambooWare combines the eco-conscious decision to purchase dinnerware made from Earth-friendly bamboo plants with the natural desire to own dinnerware that is stylish, colorful and durable.

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