Bamboo Wine Party Plates

Bamboo Studio


Bamboo is emerging as an alternative resource to other types of wood. In the past, people intuitively used it as a basic material for making many different household objects and small structures. However, ongoing research and engineering efforts are enabling us to realize bamboo's true value as a renewable, versatile and readily available economic resource.

Styles and Sizes: one is reusable and one is disposable
 - 8.75" Reusable Bamboo Wine Plate - 4 Pack - 1/2 Case has 24 and Case has 48 - use it over and over for years to come
 - 9" Disposable Bamboo Wine Plate - 8 Pack - 1/2 Case has 200 and Case has 400 - 3 Ply Bamboo Wine Plate - great for parties and events

- Sturdy, strong and durable
- Leak resistant and Microwavable
- FDA Approved
- No harsh chemicals or bleaches used
- 100% biodegradable - you may dispose of them in your yard waste!
Bamboo Studio Dinnerware is made from the bamboo sheath which is a protective covering found on newly emerging bamboo plants.  As the plant matures, the sheath is harvested.  the sheaths are then cleaned, boiled, laminated to the desired thickness, and pressed into shape.  The result is disposable and reusable dinnerware that is elegant, strong and 100% biodegradable.
Handcrafted from the sheath of the emerging bamboo plant, these dynamic new serving pieces are elegant, strong, and environmentally friendly.  Bamboo is one of the world's best sustainable resource and can grow up to a meter or more per day and matures in four to five years.  Bamboo takes in nearly 5 times the amount of greenhouse gasses and produces 35% more oxygen than an equivalent stand of trees, making it an efficient replenisher of fresh air.
Consider this:
- Of all disposable dinnerware on the market, Bamboo Studio dinnerware most closely resembles its source material in its natural form.  Paper and sugarcane plates must first be turned into pulp.
- A significant amount of energy is required to manufacture both virgin paper and recycled paper.
- Traditionally, paper is made white by toxic chlorine bleaching that has a negative impact on rivers, lakes, oceans and most importantly, YOUR HEALTH!  Even new technologies like Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF) bleaching, though less toxic, still causes damaging effects.  Bamboo Studio Dinnerware is produced without any harsh chemicals.

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