Laguna Bookcase

Way Basics


Combining the typical dimensions of a bookshelf with a unique design flare, the Laguna's different shaped compartments make it truly versatile for any room in the house. Adorn your living or dining room, organize your study or create a kids storage shelf! With the Laguna, the possibilities are endless!
 - Sustainably made from zBoard - recycled paper and completely recyclable. Water resistant.
 - Use with or without the lid to organize
 - Perfect for storing anything for easy access
Four (4) Colors:  Black, Espresso, Natural and White
 - Exterior: Length 12" by Width 22.8" by Height: 36.8"
 - Interior (Small Sections)  Depth 11.2" by Width 8.6" by Height 11.2"   
 - Interior (Large Sections) Depth 10.4" by Width 11.8" by Height 11.2"

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