Ecotex Revolutionmat Anti-Slip Chairmat for Hard Floors



Extremely durable chair mat produced from 100-percent post-consumer recycled PET reclaimed from used drink bottles. Provides ergonomic benefits for chair user by providing easy glide movement and reduced leg fatigue. Protects flooring from damage and wear caused by chair casters. 100-percent PVC free. Produced using 30-percent renewable energy. 100-percent recyclable. Anti-Slip coating for added stability on hard floors
Three (3) Sizes
 - 36" x 48
 - 48" x 51
 - 48" x 60
 - Shape: Rectangular
 - Material: 100% Post Consumer Recycled PET
 - Color: Slightly tinted either blue or green
 - Backing: Anti-slip
 - Application: Anti-slip for Hard Floor
Packing Notes: Ecotex Revolutionmat hard floor mats supplied rolled of not stored in flat form should be given a minimum of 72 hours in a warm environment to retain their original flat form.
 - All Ecotex revolutionmats are produced using up to 30% renewable energy produced from a wind turbine.
 - 100% Free of phthalates, pvc,  tin, lead or cadmium.
 - Anti-slip mats for polished floors are made from 100% post-consumer recycled PET from used drinks bottles. 
 - Anti-slip mats have a water based, non-toxic coating that creates a low tack backing that doesn't stick to the floor yet prevents the mat from sliding.
 - Slightly tinted blue or green depending on the recycled material at time of production.
 - All Ecotex mats are 100% recyclable
 - Extremely durable, hard floor slightly tinted (either blue or green depending on nature of recycled material used) and 100% recyclable
 - Produced using up to 30% renewable energy
 - 100% Post Consumer Recycled PET
 - Anti-Slip for Hard Floor

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