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Safecoat Safe Seal is a multi-use, waterbased, low gloss sealer for highly porous surfaces such as particle board, plywood, processed wood and porous concrete. Used primarily to reduce toxic outgassing: in particular, it is highly effective at sealing in formaldehyde outgassing from processed wood such as plywood, particle board and pressed wood. Safecoat Safe Seal is virtually odorless on application and odorless once cured.

USE ON: Porous surfaces such as processed wood products, concrete, wood, new drywall, and plaster. Test surfaces first in inconspicuous areas to be sure product absorbs into surfaces completely. Excellent at controlling emissions of open faced and faced fiberglass batt insulation - simply fog spray surfaces. Safe Seals superior adhesion to a variety of surfaces allows for its use as a bonding primer to improve the adhesion and bonding power of adhesives and coatings on difficult surfaces. For example, apply a thin coat to the slab and bottom of the tile before laying floor tile adhesive (in this application no cure period is necessary; the adhesive may be applied while the Safe Seal is still tacky).

Three (3) Sizes: Quart, Gallon and Five Gallon

COVERAGE:  One  gallon  of  Safecoat  Safe Seal  covers approximately 30 ft depending on surface porosity.

Advantages and Significant Benefits:
 - Highly effective at sealing in toxicity of underlying surface.
 - Safely used by and for the chemically sensitive.
 - Low odor, non-offensive to installer and occupant.
 - Fights indoor air pollution, seals in the outgassing from the substrate.
 - Low VOC content, meets or exceeds all federal and state air quality regulations, including California.

 - Contains no formaldehyde

We Put Your Health First - at Safecoat, protecting personal health has always been our first priority. That's why for 30 years we've been working to develop the safest, highest quality and least toxic paints and building products. Today AFM safecoat is the leading provider of environmentally responsible, sustainable and non-polluting paints, stains, wood finishes, sealers and related green building products. We set the standard for protecting personal health through reduced toxicity. You can breathe easier with Safecoat because we take your health seriously. 

For over a quarter of a century, AFM has been the leading innovator in paint and building products with reduced toxicity to preserve indoor air quality.AFM has become the only company in the world to offer a complete line of chemically responsible, non-polluting paint and building products that not only meet the highest performance standards, but set new standards of excellence for indoor air quality.

Safecoat products have earned the industrys highest environmental and indoor air quality certifications, including Scientific Certification Systems Indoor Advantage Gold certification, and they satisfy LEED standards.  They are the best, and in most cases the only, choice on the market for low toxicity and a focus on personal health, product quality and performance, and environmental sustainability.

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