Eco-Absorb Outdoor Formula

Eco-Absorbent Technologies


Specially formulated for use outdoors and in areas prone to air movement, this formula is heavier, helping it stay on the ground when trying to clean up a spill. Eco Absorb® Outdoor Formula is ideal for use on roads, driveways & other outdoor locations. 
Six (6) different sizes:
- 2 Liter Bag
- 5 Quart Bottle
- 5 Quart Bag
- .5 Cubic Foot Bag
- .75 Cubic Foot Bag
- 55 Gallon Fiber Drum
 - 100% All-Natural & Landfill Safe
 - Absorbs up to 15X more than Clay
 - Leaves No Slippery Residue
 - Less than 25% of the Total Cost of Clay
 - Poses no Health Risks!
Ideal for: Ports & Transportation Facilities, Fire Departments & First Responders,  and Government & Military Facilities
Eco Absorb is a natural absorbent with astounding efficiency and effectiveness.  Eco-Absorb is an all natural earth compound designed to absorb any kind of liquid based spill. Eco-Absorb Spill Clean Up turns cleaning up a nasty spill into an easy 1, 2, 3 step process. 
Eco Absorb is so light weight and easy to store which why this a great product for a vast array of industrial and home uses. Federal and local laws must still be followed for the disposal of absorbed.
Eco Absorb  is 100% safe to use around humans, animals, and safe for the environment. Eco Absorb is Non-toxic and 100% landfill safe. This is a money saving and time saving product, which cleans up any spill without hurting the environment in any way.

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