Eco-Absorb Oil Only Formula

Eco-Absorbent Technologies


Specially formulated to be completely hydrophobic, this Eco Absorb® formula will absorb petroleum‐based spills off of the surface of water leaving only clean water behind. This formula is ideal for water treatment facilities and those responding to spills on the surface of water or ice. It can also be added to the surface of ice to control slip / fall conditions.
Size: 55 Gallon Fiber Drum
 - Absorbs up to 6x its own weight and 15x more than clay absorbents
 - Light weight powder; convenient size for moderate spills at work or home
 - Absorbs instantly and leaves no slippery residue; minimizes slip & fall accidents
 - Extremely efficient and effective
 - Certified All-Natural
Eco Absorb Oil Only Formula is ideal for: Oil Spill Response on Water,  Government & Military Bases, and Water Treatment Facilities
Eco Absorb is a natural absorbent with astounding efficiency and effectiveness.  Eco-Absorb is an all natural earth compound designed to absorb any kind of liquid based spill. Eco-Absorb Spill Clean Up turns cleaning up a nasty spill into an easy 1, 2, 3 step process. 
Eco Absorb is so light weight and easy to store which why this a great product for a vast array of industrial and home uses. Federal and local laws must still be followed for the disposal of absorbed.
Eco Absorb  is 100% safe to use around humans, animals, and safe for the environment. Eco Absorb is Non-toxic and 100% landfill safe. This is a money saving and time saving product, which cleans up any spill without hurting the environment in any way.

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