myWool Pillow

Sleep and Beyond


myWool PillowTM is ideal for someone who...
 - Is looking for resilient head and neck support 
 - Has allergies to down and polyester and is looking for healthier alternative choice.
 - Has allergies to dust mites, mold and mildew
 - Is looking for an eco friendly pillow for all four seasons.
 - Standard: 20" x 26" - 2.5 lbs of wool fill; 102 oz/sq. yd
 - Queen: 20" x 30" - 3 lbs of wool fill; 102 oz/sq. yd 
 - King: 20" x 36" - 4 lbs wool fill; 102 oz/sq. yd
 - Medium fill 
 - Filled with 100% washable wool 
 - Encased in 100% Natural Cotton, 270TC Percale
 - Comes in eco friendly and reusable packaging.
myWool Pillow:
 - Perfect for all-year round comfort;
 - Breathe more naturally than down and synthetic products;
 - Last for decades when properly cared for. Wool out-performs other fibers used for bedding;
 - Quickly wick away moisture without making you feel cold or clammy. Less time is spent tossing and turning;
Product Care:  
 - 1st choice: Use washable cover.
 - 2nd choice: Regular sunning and airing. The sun will naturally revitalize and disinfect wool bedding. 
 - 3rd choice: Machine wash in cold water on gentle cycle and reduced agitation. Air dry. 
 - 4th choice: Eco friendly dry cleaning on short cycle and limited moisture.
***All natural fibers may shrink up to 5% after laundering.

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