Spring Forward With These 5 Eco-Friendly Activewear Brands

Spring Forward With These 5 Eco-Friendly Activewear Brands

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New Years has long since passed (along with many resolutions...), and spring is in full bloom. Marked with hours of spring cleaning, prepping for that summer vacay with the family, and an increase of overall outdoor activity, one of the most important items on your to-do list this time of year may be is to get into a consistent exercise routine. It can be tough at the beginning, it well worth the effort to get outside and work out the mind, body, and soul. 

And what better way to get outside and enjoy this wonderful green planet, then to honor it by wearing eco-friendly gear.

Green Apple Active, an eco-friendly activewear company, says it best by stating,

"What you put on your body is just as important as what you put into it. This is particularly true when you are wearing it for physical activity. Most types of athletic gear are made from synthetic petroleum by-products like polyester and Supplex nylon (plastic derivatives). These synthetic fibers are known hormone and thyroid disruptors, and they are also not biodegradable."

Not only is the clothing that's worn by millions of people affecting the environment in a negative way, but it is also causing damage to the human body.

So where do you turn to get truly eco-friendly wear? With terms like sustainability, green, organic, and eco-friendly getting thrown around pretty freely these days, it is getting harder and harder to differentiate between what clothing products are truly sustainable and harmless, and those that are not. 

Sustainability is not just a concept that refers to the end stage of a product's lifespan. From creation to the initial reuse and all of the equipment and processes that are required, to disposing of the fabric in an environmentally safe way, many green processes are required to qualify a product or fabric as fully sustainable. 

To ensure that companies are adhering to the highest standards, organizations such as the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), the Soil Association, and the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) are put into place to monitor and inspect.


Do's and Don'ts

Choosing the right fabric is essential to a well strategized eco-friendly lineup. But what fabric is right for you? Well, here is a quick list of some of the most popular fabrics out there:

  • Organic Cotton
  • Tencel
  • Recycled Cashmere
  • Bamboo
  • Organic Wool
  • Rayon
  • Hemp

Just say No to these fabrics:

  • Non-Organic Cotton 
  • Poly Cotton
  • Leather 
  • Rayon 
  • Wool


Here's the Skinny to Help You Get There:

Now that you have a little bit of eco-knowledge about the types of fabrics that will support your values, we have highlighted 5 brands that are taking their green game to another level without breaking a sweat. 



 Location: Berkeley, CA                                                                 Products: Men & Women’s Yoga, tops, bottoms, socks                                     Values/Initiatives: Organic, Fair-Trade

Pact reaches out beyond the world of textiles and into the social field by advocating against child labor laws and fighting toxic chemicals. Using Organic Fairtrade cotton to impact the garment industry and offering smooth, comfy products to their customers, you will not want to miss out on your chance to pick up a few sets of your favorite leggings.


2. Shift To Nature

Location:  Australia
Product: Bamboo, Hemp fibers, etc. Women, men, and kids
Values: Eco-friendly, organic, recycled

Shift to Nature is the complete package of sustainability, going above and beyond in holding themselves accountable to eco-friendly guidelines.Not only do they create and sell their products, but they strictly adhere to safe working conditions and pay fair wages. A dynamic leader in the industry, they continue to set the bar in the garment sustainability field.


3. Inner Wave Organics

Location: USA
Products: Everything
Initiatives/ Causes: Recyclable, Organic, meals to the homeless, teach yoga classes, Give Back Yoga Foundation


Inner Wave Organics uses veggie dyes and organic cotton to create a vast lineup of activewear tops and bottoms that will have you feeling and looking like their tagline...."Organic and Beautiful."


3. Yoga Democracy

Location: E Creek, AZ
Products: Women’s yoga leggings, shorts, sports bras
Values/Initiatives: Eco-friendly, recycled fibers, fair wages, USA made

If vibrant colors and patterns are your things, then Yoga Democracy is for you. Most of their products are made start to finish in their Cave Creek Arizona warehouse, producing ultra-soft leggings that will become your new go-to's. 


4. Green Apple Active

Location:  Redondo Beach, CA
Products: Women’s gym & fitness, yoga, sweats
Values/Initiatives: Eco-Friendly, Vegan, 

 Green Apples' lineup totes are a variety of features such as antibacterial, hypoallergenic, eco-friendly, and vegan. Utilizing only the highest quality certified and naturally organic grown bamboo, and natural, organic cotton in their apparel, you will instantly fall in love with the buttery soft and ultra cozy apparel. Once you try their luxury eco-fabrics, you will never go back to synthetics! 



5. Groceries Apparel

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Products: Women and men’s tops, bottoms, sports bras and outerwear
Values: Made in the USA, use organic, natural and recycled materials, fair wages

Groceries Apparel is operated in their own California factory to ensure that their standards and values are fully executed. Products are made from a process known as Seed to Skin, meaning they are committed to developing awareness of the full life-cycle of their fabrics, dyes and apparel construction. To top it off they reduce their impact as much as possible through manufacturing with 100% organic and recycled materials, making your next purchase of their front seam or S-type leggings you're new comfy go-to.

Now that you know all the best places to get your eco-gear, what cause will you support by going out and purchasing your favorite outfit??








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    Hello, I belongs to organic clothing industry and the brands you listed in your article will help me to get an idea to enhance products.

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