Our Favorite Eco-Friendly Products for Your Next Event

Our Favorite Eco-Friendly Products for Your Next Event

Let us start by saying that we love all of the products we sell on BuyGreen — but even we can’t pass up the opportunity to spotlight some of our best-sellers. Each product available on our site is truly eco-friendly, decorated with certifications from third-party, accredited organizations and proven to produce a limited environmental impact. We’re proud of the brands we work with, and we’re excited to share more information about the wonderful things they make!

As most of you know, green living is an everyday commitment. To simplify our list, we’ve separated our in-focus products by place and event — hopefully, this makes it a little easier for you, the concerned consumer, to understand each product’s particular application, and imagine integrating it into your regular routine. This is the third post in our series, covering the best products to buy for your next event. Our first post laid out the many products you can use in your home, and the second covered those you can buy for use at the office, whatever that office may look like.

Whether it’s a wedding, birthday party or casual garden get-together, make your next event as green as possible by using some of our favorite eco-friendly items:

Bamboo Studio Palm Leaf Square Flat Plates


                    Bamboo Studio Palm Leaf Square Flat Plates in 3 sizes, stylish and sustainable alternative to traditional single-use kitchenware.          Bamboo Studio logo, featuring name, bamboo leaf and bamboo stem.


 As you can probably guess, reusable is the most green alternative when it comes to kitchenware. Even considering the energy and water it takes to produce reusable kitchenware (and subsequently wash after each use), kitchenware composed of stainless steel, ceramic or reusable plastic still beats out single-use kitchenware in terms of environmental impact.

We understand, however, that for larger events, events that involve destructive kiddos, or even events in challenging environments (think, a day hike), reusable kitchenware can be inconvenient, if not downright implausible. Plastic and Styrofoam not only leave a serious carbon footprint, but they are also made of non-renewable, often non-recyclable resources. Paper plates are one single-use alternative — but because food residue contaminates recyclable resources, the majority of paper plates still end up in a landfill, where compact conditions make biodegradation slow. So what’s left for green party-goers?

The Bamboo Studio Palm Leaf Square Flat Plates are a stylish and sustainable way to feed your guests. These plates are composed of fallen areca palm leaves, a sturdy, renewable resource free of harmful chemicals and toxins. Plus, they’re entirely compostable — reducing the potential for landfill waste, one plate at a time!


Reusable Solid Bamboo Utensil Sets


                  Bamboo 100% biodegradable reusable cutlery, featuring fork, spoon, knife in a kraft bag.           Bamboo Studio logo, featuring name, bamboo leaf and bamboo stem.


Also from Bamboo Studio comes an eco-friendly alternative to traditional disposable cutlery: the Reusable Solid Bamboo Utensil Set. Each set includes a fork, knife and spoon — all of which are composed of bamboo, a fast-growing and organic resource. Sustainability aside, these sturdy cutlery sets are also naturally antimicrobial, odor-blocking, and long-lasting heat & stain resistant, making them a functional, green alternative for your next event. And the next one after that, too!



Allsop Home & Garden Soji Original Solar Lanterns


                 Allsop Home & Garden Soji Original Solar Lanterns in a variety of bright colors hang in a tree together at night.       Allsop Home & Garden logo, featuring bold font and green leaf.


Create the perfect ambiance while cutting down on energy consumption!

While there are areas in the US that rely on more sustainable energy sources like wind or hydro, natural gas and coal as energy sources account for a combined 62% of the nation’s energy — an outrageous majority. Taking small steps to reduce our energy consumption in the US is definitely important!

The Soji Original Solar Lantern from Allsop Home & Garden is one such step. Each cordless, 10” lantern has a built-in solar panel that collects sunlight during the day and lights up the night sky automatically after sundown. Lanterns come in eight different colors to bring a unique and fun atmosphere to weddings, garden parties and everything in between.


Green Guru Climbing Rope Key Chain


               Green Guru key-chain, made of recycled climbing rope, fastened with two keys on included key-ring.          Green Guru logo, featuring green font and creative take on reduce, reuse, recycle logo.


A fun, upcycled party favor! The Green Guru Climbing Rope Key Chain keeps keys organized on colored loops made from recycled climbing rope. Versatile and colorful, these key-chains are the perfect parting gift for your guests, inspiring them to go a little more green in their everyday lives too.



Begley’s Multi-Purpose Cleaner


            Begley's all-natural Multi-Surface Cleaner in white, recyclable spray bottle, with orange label.          Begley's Earth Responsible Products logo, a company dedicated to creating all-natural cleaning solutions and other eco-friendly products

Cleaning up isn’t exactly the most fun part of the party, but it is necessary. What’s not necessary is using a cleaner that contains harmful chemicals.

Begley’s Multi-Purpose Cleaner is an all-natural alternative that doesn’t sacrifice performance. Individually designed and tested to perform equal to or better than its corresponding non-green cleaner, Begley’s is safe and effective on everything from glass to countertops to food preparation surfaces. Plus, the cleaner contains botanical essential oils, which produces a fresh, therapeutic scent — use it to clean up the house before and after your event to give your guests a pleasant aromatic experience!

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