Our Favorite Eco-Friendly Products for Your Home

Our Favorite Eco-Friendly Products for Your Home

Let us start by saying that we love all of the products we sell on BuyGreen — but even we can’t pass up the opportunity to spotlight some of our best-sellers. Each product available on our site is truly eco-friendly, decorated with certifications from third-party, accredited organizations and proven to produce a limited environmental impact. We’re proud of the brands we work with, and we’re excited to share more information about the wonderful things they make!

As most of you know, green living is an everyday, all-day commitment. To simplify our list, we’ve separated our in-focus products by place and event — hopefully, this makes it a little easier for you, the concerned consumer, to understand each product’s particular application, and imagine integrating it into your regular routine.

This is the first post of our series, covering the best products to buy for use within your home.

For Your Kitchen: Bambooware Double Wall Deep Plates


Bamboo Studio bambooware double wall deep plates, made of sustainable bamboo, sturdy, stylish, dishwasher-safe.              


As plates chip and break from regular use, it becomes more reasonable to buy a fresh matching set — why not make them green?

Bamboo Studio offers sustainable alternatives to traditional dishware, usually composed of either bamboo or fallen palm leaves. Our favorite pick for your kitchen right now is the BambooWare Double Wall Deep Plates. Incredibly durable, dishwasher-safe and the perfect no-spill shape for anything from pasta to sushi, these plates’ natural woody grain is a stylish complement to any modern kitchen.



For Your Bedroom: Sleep & Beyond myMerino Organic Wool Comforter


Sleep & Beyond myMerino organic wool comforter, rolled. Wool filling is hypoallergenic and wicks heat naturally.        Sleep & Beyond myMerino organic wool comforter, in organic cotton case. Wool filling is hypoallergenic and wicks heat naturally.


It’s natural for our bodies to sweat while we sleep. Most traditional comforter fillings, like down, actually trap the moisture under your covers, leaving you feeling clammy and wet when you wake up. Comforters made of wool, however, regulate body temperature. They’re also hypoallergenic — a huge advantage over down, which is more prone to dust mites and mold and can cause allergies as it ages.

Sleep & Beyond myMerino Organic Wool Comforter is filled with fine certified-organic merino wool and even packaged in an eco-friendly, cotton case.


For Your Closet: Ditto Paper Hangers


A pack of Ditto paper hangers, recyclable, tree-free. Sleek design allows for twice the closet space.   Ditto Hangers logo     


Already servicing the retail floors of several major clothing companies, businesses and consumers alike have recognized the impact of these tree-free, recyclable hangers. They’re just as sturdy as the plastic hangers you’re used to, and their sleek design allows for twice the amount of clothing in your closet. But most importantly, Ditto Paper Hangers are keeping 8 billion plastic hangers out of landfills every year!



For Your Child: Plan Toys Pirate Ship Toy



If your kids grow out of their toys as quickly as they grow out of their clothes, then you can only imagine how many toys made with plastic — which account for 90% of all toys — end up in the trash. Though donating or repurposing toys certainly slows the process, an even better alternative is to present your kiddo with the Plan Toys Pirate Ship Toy, composed of all-natural, recyclable materials. The design, based on an actual pirate ship, encourages both fine motor and social skill development from children ages 3 and up.


Just for Fun: Bamboo Skateboards Square Tail Tidal Rider Longboard


We offer a variety of quality decks and boards from Bamboo Skateboards, and you guessed it — what makes these skateboards and longboards unique is not just that the decks have great graphics, but also that they are comprised entirely of bamboo. The skateboarding industry is one of the leading contributors to maple deforestation and, while skate decks made of maple are usually considered the norm, bamboo skateboards have actually performed better than maple in tests. Among experienced riders, these boards are known for their durability and “pop.”


For Your Garden: Allsop Home & Garden Aurora Glow Solar Glass Lantern


A string of hand-blown glass, solar-powered lantern lights by Allsop Home & Garden, glowing yellow hung on tree.         A string of hand-blown glass, solar-powered lantern lights by Allsop Home & Garden, glowing blue hung on tree.


Add some glow to your garden! The Aurora Glow Solar Glass Lanterns are stringed in groups of six, each individually crafted from hand-blown glass. The luminescent glow from these artisan pieces are produced by solar-powered, LED lights, complete with a photo light sensor that automates “on” and “off” at dusk and dawn. Though they come in assorted colors, all these lanterns are green.

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