Our Favorite Eco-Friendly Products for at Work

Our Favorite Eco-Friendly Products for at Work

Let us start by saying that we love all of the products we sell on BuyGreen — but even we can’t pass up the opportunity to spotlight some of our best-sellers. Each product available on our site is truly eco-friendly, decorated with certifications from third-party, accredited organizations and proven to produce a limited environmental impact. We’re proud of the brands we work with, and we’re excited to share more information about the wonderful things they make!

As most of you know, green living is a full-time job. To simplify our list, we’ve separated our in-focus products by place and event — hopefully, this makes it a little easier for you, the concerned consumer, to understand each product’s particular application, and imagine integrating it into your regular routine. Our first post laid out the many products you can use in your home.

This is the second post of our series, covering the best products to buy for use at the office. Because we recognize every work environment looks a little different, we’ve tried to split it up by industry:

For Your Restaurant: Vegware Bagasse 9x6” Clamshell To-Go Box


                                                    Vegware 9x6" clamshell to-go box, made of bagasse, a sustainable resource that comes from sugarcane.        Vegware "Close the Loop" logo, featuring a cup turning to compost turning back to a plant.         

For restaurants with green values, the to-go box can be a little tricky. We’ve all heard the rumors about Styrofoam — though lightweight and cheap, Styrofoam is a petroleum-based plastic, making it non-sustainable, difficult to dispose of and even bad for your health.

Paper is a better option for the sake of recycling and disposal, but as we continue to rely on paper as our primary eco-friendly alternative to plastic, we contribute to mass deforestation around the world. Our earth’s trees just can’t keep up with demand.

So, companies have started to get creative — and you should, too! A good start to greenfying your restaurant is the Vegware Bagasse 9x6” Clamshell To-Go Box, an alternative to both paper and plastic to-go boxes. Bagasse is composed of sugar cane, which grows rapidly, disposes easily and also uses the part of the plant considered waste in sugar refineries. From a practical standpoint, bagasse to-go boxes trap heat but not condensation, leaving your customers’ food crisp and warm.


For Your Class: WindPitch Wind Energy Education Kit 


We don’t need to tell the teachers of the world how important education is — but it is especially so in complicated matters such as environmental sustainability.

Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies produces eco-friendly, technological innovations, as well as educational models to explain everything from car science to supercapacitors. The WindPitch Wind Energy Education Kit — complete with a specific curriculum on wind energy and easy-to-follow experiment guide — is the perfect way to teach middle and high schoolers STEM skills, and maybe even inspire a new generation of scientists and environmental activists. The model has built-in LED lights and music maker module to demonstrate wind power in an engaging way.

Educational kits for younger students are also available on BuyGreen.

For Your Retail Business: Ditto Paper Hangers


A pack of Ditto paper hangers, recyclable, tree-free. Sleek design allows for twice the closet space.


Already servicing the retail floors of several major clothing companies, businesses and consumers alike have recognized the impact of these tree-free, recyclable hangers. They’re just as sturdy as the plastic hangers you’re used to, and their sleek design allows for twice the amount of clothing in your closet. But most importantly, Ditto Paper Hangers are keeping 8 billion plastic hangers out of landfills every year!

For Warehouses, Auto Shops and Other Stores: Eco>Absorbent Spill Center


Eco>Absorb Spill Center mounted on wall, featuring all-natural absorbent, dustpan, hand brush.


The Eco>Absorb Spill Center is the best way to keep your business clean and safe — for both employees and the environment. Traditional absorbents, made of clay, often contain crystalline silica, a harmful lung carcinogen. In addition, used absorbent can be difficult to get rid of, oftentimes not able to decompose fully in a landfill.

The lightweight, specially formulated Eco>Absorb powder, however, is not only 100% non-toxic, but it also absorbs 15x more than clay absorbents — producing less waste and keeping your employees safe from carcinogens and workplace accidents alike. The spill center is wall-mountable and comes with a 4qt bag of Eco>Absorb absorbent, a dustpan and hand brush, a box of 15 disposable bags and an instruction manual.

For Your Desk: Busch Systems Deskside Recycling Bin


Busch Systems Deskside Recycler, fitting neatly under modern desk. Grey with "We Recycle" on side.

Perfect for recycling paper and other office materials, the Busch Systems Deskside Recycling Bin fits neatly underneath the drawers of a standard desk. A common problem with recycling is not properly separating recyclables, thus contaminating entire batches — this helpful desk companion reduces the chances of “lazy tosses”, thus preventing more recyclable material from ending up in a landfill.

For Your Packed Lunch: BioBag Compostable Sandwich Bags


                                                      A box of BioBag compostable, resealable sandwich bags, an eco-friendly solution to lunch on the go.         


Last but certainly not least is a product that can be used in any kind of office: an alternative to the traditional lunch wrap. As you’ve probably heard, the overuse of plastic is causing quite a few problems worldwide — landfills are absorbing habitats and space, animals are consuming toxic materials, and harmful waste is becoming more plentiful than ever before. Especially single-use plastics, like traditional sandwich bags, spend hundreds of years decomposing for a brief 15 minutes of use … if that.

Compostable bags, as opposed to biodegradable, are proven to decompose in a certain amount of time, and BioBags are some of the most trusted in the industry. They’re also the first to create compostable, resealable plastic bags — an alternative to plastic that is just as sturdy and convenient. These bags, paired with reusable food containers, are the perfect lunchtime solution!

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