How wool bedding can help you sleep better

With winter just around the corner, I’m sure like most people you will be thinking about keeping warm in the cold weather that is to come. There are many different types of bedding available that can keep us warm, however what is the safest and more comfortable option?

Well, researchers at the University of Sydney have found that sleeping on wool gives a 25% better sleep. They put eight healthy volunteers through tests to examine how each person slept with wool, cotton and synthetic sleepwear and bedding at different temperatures. The results showed that wool gives a longer and deeper sleep compared to the others.

In fact, wool has unique properties that regulate a controlled climate around the body and the moisture content of the skin. So during the night, wool fibers absorb our perspiration, and then during the day, when the bed is empty, moisture is naturally released back into the atmosphere. Not only does this mean a dry bed in the evening, but the evaporation of moisture also means no breeding ground for allergy-causing molds, bacteria and other bugs.

Beyond the health benefits, wool is also biodegradable, renewable and cost effective as its products have a life span of 20 years plus. Buying wool products, rather than oil based synthetics, you also help to provide a living for many sheep farmers.

In our shop you find a great collection of comforters, pillows, pads and toppers filled with the finest fibers of wool and encased in natural or organic cotton fabric. Perfect for people that suffer of allergies, skin conditions or simply want to improve their sleep and be environmentally friendly.

Forget about itchy skin, sweaty synthetic fabrics or smelly goose feathers. Take a look at our natural wool bedding section and choose to sleep better.


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