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Paper or Plastic? The increasing battle by states to ban plastic bags

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As of 2017,  California and New York are the only 2 states who've issued a ban on plastic bags. in any kind of restaurant, grocery store, etc..  (I've posted a few links below if you would like to read all the details.  

  • 27 States have no ban (a problem)
  • 21 have local bans (progress)

Believe it or not, the best resource to find the most up to date information on local bans in your state is  Here you can search by state and read the actual legal doctrine for each ordinance

States where BioBag's are are compliant:

If your state does not accept BioBag's, ask why?  They meet the specifications of the American Society of Testing and Materials International Standard Specification for Compostable Plastics D6400

More on this later and much more in the first newsletter due out November 1st!  Be sure to sign up to BuyGreen Newsletter list at the bottom of our home page

Before I go, I wanted to share a youtube video with you. where the FTC clearly identifies it's guidelines for terms like "eco-friendly" and "Green".  I wonder how many companies take advantage of this....  Any thoughts?


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