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My first blog post since the transfer of ownership...

Welcome to the very beginning of a new era here at BuyGreen!  My name is Lewis Hook, but I also go by Will.  So, if you see an email signed by either name just know its the same person!  

I'm very grateful for the opportunity to serve everyone whose shown such loyalty to this website and eager to get started!

 I'll be making some changes to the look ( I think it's time for a makeover) and the navigation in the coming weeks.  I want to add sub-categories so the browsing experience is much improved.  

I'll be going over these changes and more in my emails to all of you subscribed to the Newsletter.  If you haven't yet subscribed, you can do it now at the bottom of this post.  I send emails asking for your feedback.  I want to engage you guys!  We all know the dire situation our planet is in.  Join in the conversation and lets put all our heads together and make some change. And you get 10% off your next order in the shop :}

-Lewis 10/11/17

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