Vitality Glassware Widemouth Jars

Reusable Storage Vitality Glassware
Reusable Storage Vitality GlasswareVitality GlasswareVitality GlasswareVitality Glassware
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Perfect for Cosmetics

Our Wide-Mouthed Jars are excellent for bulkier items. The shoulder is almost flush with the opening.  The cosmetic type jars are are perfect for traditional cosmetics or salve jars as well as bulky dried herbs, they are great for vitamins, for spices and salts. The 5ml, 15ml and 30ml have a rounded inner corner for clean wiping which make them extra special for salves and creams, or heavy waxes.

Six (6) Sizes: all sizes in milliliters
 - 5 ml - 1 3/16 inches tall by 1 7/16 inch diameter
 - 15 ml - 1 3/16inches tall by 1 7/8 inch diameter
 - 30 ml - 1 3/4inches tall by 2 inch diameter
 - 50 ml - 2inches tall by 2 1/16 inch diameter
 - 100 ml - 2 5/8inches tall by 2 5/8 inch diameter
 - 200 ml - 2 1/8inches tall by 3 7/8 inch diameter

All twist top jars seal in freshness and aroma and are perfect for pantry and counter. Twist tops are also better for traveling than the apothecary jars and boast an additional light guard within their hard tableware-plastic lids. All 250ml and smaller jars make great on-the-go food or spice vitalizing snack jars. Just toss in your bag and go.

Violiv vitality glassware ALLOWs the collaboration of beneficial lights and BLOCKs ALL damaging light frequencies.

Imagine preservation and enhancement using Natural Light!  The human eye is a biological filter perceiving only specific frequencies centered of the full light spectrum - the rainbow colors from red to violet.  Beyond what we can see on either side of the rainbow are the infrared and ultraviolet rays which can either harm or repair organic matter and cellular structure.

Swiss made Vitality glass filters out all damaging rays of light, while allowing the absorption of 3 beneficial light frequencies:
 - Infrared light is the spectrum of light beyond visible red. Violiv glass is permeable only to a very specific & nourishing frequency of infrared called Far-Infrared (FIR).
 - Violet light, studied by Rudolf Steiner, as well as violet flame theorists is known to enhance the molecular potency & creative potentials in natural substances. Violet light is the only visible frequency of light allowed to permeate the walls of Violiv glassware.
 - Ultra-violet (UV) is a large spectrum of non-visible light beyond visible violet. Within UV is UV(a), a small but highly-beneficial light frequency that severely retards the growth of molds, fungus & bacteria.

History:  Utilized by the ancient Egyptians for long-term storage of natural substances, the benefits of this bio-violet glass were not discovered again until the 1800s, when Jacob Lorber, an Austrian naturalist, noted its preserving & enhancing effects on olive oil.  Later studied by Cosmo-biologist.  Yves Kraushaar, it took over 200 years and more than two individuals lifetimes to create the optimum violet formula for food preservation.  Throughout the 1980s, that formula was perfected from the original hand-blown methods to mass production in kilns.  Biophotonics studies the effects of light on and within cells and molecular structure.  Vitality glassware technology has co-evolved with groundbreaking discoveries in the fields of medicine, biology & nutrition.

Miron Violette glass is the manufacturer in Switzerland that through generations of research and dedication developed these very special containers, uniquely formulated to preserve and enhance the vitality of organic goods. After laboratory testing and validation (due to high manufacturing/production costs). Miron's Vitality glass was sold only as original packaging for very exclusive foods, body care and medical products and was not available for consumer use - until now.

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