Go Green!  What does that mean?  There has been a lot of discussion on going green in the last few years.  Go Green, Go Green, Go Green!  Many might say it is easier said than done. If you want a green home and a sustainable office, there are many things you can do to start green living.  Start by green shopping for green products, organic materials, products made from recycled materials and are environmental friendly.  Do you have what you need to recycle your waste?  Remember to Reduce Reuse Recycle?  

We have thousands of green products like recycling bins for home and work.   Earth friendly products can include hemp and natural organic products, environmentally friendly reusable bags, organic baby products, solar powered lights, solar panels, products for compost, eco-friendly pet beds and biodegradable plastic.  You may to start reducing your carbon footprint by focusing on your family.  Babies and infants should have natural baby products that contain non-toxic, BPA Free, or clothing made from organic cotton or other organic baby clothing.  The rest of the family should consider eco clothing, organic t shirts, organic cotton clothing, bamboo clothing, hemp clothes and organic wool bedding.  Organic beauty products and safe organic skin care products are good for everyone.  Don't forget about your cat and dogs with recycled pet toys,biodegradable pet waste bags and earth friendly pet supplies.  You need to clean green with biodegradable cleaning products, biodegradable laundry detergent, eco-friendly sponges, natural cleaning products,  biodegradable garbage bags and biodegradable cleaners.  There are many environmentally friendly products for use around your eco-friendly home including water-less car wash and biodegradable plastic bags.  When holidays or special events come around, show the people in your life you care with eco-friendly and environmentally safe gifts like reusable bags.  Maybe you are making remodeling changes at home and should think about green building and green construction.  You can also do green home decorating with earth friendly and green goods like recycled art.  Don't forget to employ sustainable practices at work with green office supplies and develop green purchasing like using biodegradable bowls or biodegradable cups, eco friendly cleaning products and biodegradable cleaners.  Employees like to work for companies who are environmental responsibility.  

The difference with BuyGreen.com is every product is rated with our Green Products Standard so you can understand why every item is eco-friendly.  Also you should look for other green certified products and certifications like Fair Trade, Cradle to Grave, Environmental Sustainability Index and Environmental Stewardship.   Before long you will be a LOHAS consumer - lifestyles of health and sustainability.  You do not need to be a Tree Hugger to be living green.  You will find a lot of green living tips and natural and organic products on our site.  Every day is Earth Day on BuyGreen.com !

American Society for Testing and Materials International
The Standard Specification for Compostable Plastics
Products made from sustainable bamboo
Sustainable Bamboo made into a wide variety of wonderful products
Biotic degradation or decomposition
Products that are capable of decomposing back into natural elements
BPA is found in polycarbonate plastics
BPA Free is safer for you!
Certified Compostable
BPI approved meet stringent, scientifically based specifications
Food and other organic agricultural products
Made from the very best and safe ingredients
Bioplastics PLA are better for the environment
Decomposes back into Carbon Dioxide, Water or Biomass
Compost produces healthier plants
Compost is gold to gardeners and composting is good for the planet
Energy Star Certification
Helping protect the environment through superior energy efficiency
Environmental Working Group
The nation’s leading environmental health research and advocacy organization
Fair Trade Certified
Inspiring the Rise of the Conscious Consumer
Fair Trade Certified
Protecting Forests for Future Generations
No GMO plant and foods
Avoid Genetically Modified products and foods
Hand Made Products
Many Wonderful Hand Made Products that are Green and Eco-Friendly
Hemp Clothing, Fabrics and Rope
Ideal for weaving into hemp clothing, fabrics and rope
Self Reliant Power
Great for disasters and you never have to worry about batteries!
Leaping Bunny Certification
How Do I Shop Cruelty Free? Look for the Leaping Bunny
USBGC green Building Certification
Provides a framework for measurable green building design, construction and operations
Made in Canada
Proudly Made in Canada by Canadians!
Made in America
Supports quality products, safe working conditions, and child labor laws.
Products from natural materials
Choose products that come from natural materials and content.
Volatile Organic Compounds Free
A variety of chemicals that may have adverse health effects
Safe Chemical Free Products
Non-Toxic means no suffering from exposure to toxic substances
Paraben Free Products
Most Widely Used Preservatives in Cosmetics and Personal Care Products
Phosphate Free Products
Avoid the Harmful Effects on You, Rivers, Lakes and our Environment
What are phthalates?
Potential health risks of Phthalates are many in many common products
Post Consumer Wast Products
Great products made from post-consumer materials
Polyvinyl chloride, commonly abbreviated PVC
Go PVC-Free - safer alternatives are available for all uses of PVC
Products made from recycled materials
So many great products made from recycled materials and content.
All materials should be recycled
You can never recycle enough - here are some products to help you recycle more!
Reusable Bottles, Bags, Straws, Lunch Bags
Reusables for every part of your life - save money and the planet
EWG Skin Deep Cosmetic Database
The Power of Information to Protect Human Health and the Environment
Power your stuff with the Sun
Use Sun Power instead of electricity and batteries!
environmental, economic, and social dimensions
Sustainability has environmental, economic, and social dimensions
Animal Free Products
Products and material NOT derived from animals
Strategies for Zero Waste
Products to help you Eliminate and Reduce your Waste!