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Wystza Kraft Chopstick Art
Wystza Kraft Chopstick ArtChee Trivet by Kwytza KraftChopstick Art by Kwytza Kraft
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Beautiful Trivet is Hot!

This beautiful Chopstick Art trivet, used for hot or cold items, will add beauty and protection to your counters and tables.

All the Kwytza Kraft products are unique through their use of recycled chopsticks.  They come in natural and a tea stained color.

Dimensions are 10 inches in length by 10 inches in width

The idea is simple: collect post-use, single-use chopsticks from restaurants, thoroughly clean them, sanitize them at extremely high temperature and pressure, and use them to make high-quality accents for the consumers living space. The idea is Kwytza (pronounced k-why-tsa).

Research showed that literally billions of single-use chopsticks were consumed annually. The more shocking revelation was that it took, by some estimates, 25 million trees and bamboo plants to support that resource waste. Was there an opportunity to use the chopsticks for other applications that would provide a consumer benefit while bringing awareness to the negative environmental impact of single-use chopsticks? After extensive research and development efforts, including a unique process for reclaiming and thoroughly sanitizing chopsticks, Kwytza was born.
Today, we are happy to offer a broad range of recycled home accessories pairing eastern aesthetics with western conservationism.  Kwytza Chopstick Art products evoke an  elegance that compliments any environment.

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