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Energize Your Plants!

The red worm does a remarkable job of recycling organic waste. Not only is it efficient, consuming up to its own weight in organic matter daily, but it then excretes waste in the form of valuable, nutrient rich, castings.

These castings contain five to ten times the amount of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium than is normally found in garden soils. Scientists find that VermiCompost (compost from red worms) is a better fertilizer than regular compost. Many gardeners compost using red worms for the sole purpose of using the VermiCompost in their gardens and planters.

We Ship Our  Red Worms Year Round. Guaranteed Live! - We ship every Monday to ensure they arrive alive!

Choose between Red Wigglers and Super Reds (European Night crawlers -  Great for fishing and composting)

 - 250 Super Reds
 - 500 Super Reds
 - 1000 Red Wigglers
 - 2000 Red Wigglers
 - 5000 Red Wigglers

Rapid reproduction, simple requirements (food, water, temperate conditions), and scalability along with the desire to reduce the need for landfills has made composting an inexpensive solution for individuals, communities, and corporations.

Appropriate Materials: vegetables, fruits, shredded newspaper, shredded cardboard, cow, horse, rabbit & pig manure, crushed egg shells, grain products and coffee grounds and filters
Inappropriate Materials: pet waste, peanut butter, vegetable oil/fats and meat, fish, & dairy products

Red worms are productive workers that can be used to compost organic waste, producing castings that serve as an exceptional soil or soil enhancement. Red worms are also used as fishing bait and in classrooms for class projects and experiments.

Red worms can be found employed by gardeners, farmers, fishing enthusiasts, teachers, and homeowners. They are also found working for organizations that create large amounts of waste, such as corporations and commercial kitchens.

Question:  How many worms can I put in my composting bin?  You can have a very dense population in a very small area. You can put as many as 2000 worms per square foot with at least 6 inches deep of material. At higher densities, they will stopped reproducing and another tray is necessary.

Advice for Beginning Worm Farmers:
1.  The best bedding I've found is 1/2 aged horse manure and 1/2 peat moss combined.
2.  When the worms arrive, place them in your bedding, but don't feed them for 1 day-giving them a chance to "settle in."
3.  Hang a small light (3-5 watt) over the worm bed.  The light acts as a "fence"-keeping the worms in the bed and driving them deeper down-as they do not like light.
4.  Place a piece of cardboard over the top of the bed, if you are storing worms in a box of some kind and allow about 2" of cut away of the cardboard-from the sides.  Light should shine on the cut away portion-worms will feed to the edge of the cardboard-but will not venture out into the light. If you use a 50 lb feed sack bag (polypropylene) for worm storage, do not close the top of the bag-keep open for air.  Hang the bag on some kind of hook so that no part of the bag is touching anything.  Use about 2 lbs of bedding for 4 lbs of worms.
5.  Day 2-feed the worms with some fruit scraps or table scraps-the softer the feed, the faster the worms will consume the food.
6.  Do not overfeed.  After you first feed the worms, check every other day to see if the worm food is all gone.  When the worm food is all gone, that is the time to re-feed.  If you follow this method you will avoid contamination of your worm bedding.
7.  Use the Trench Method of feeding:  Just make a trench down the middle of your worm bed. and  place the worm food up the length of the trench-then slightly cover the food from both sides of the trench.  The trench should be 1-3" deep.  If you use the bag storage method:  shake the bag every other day to loosen the bedding-add some fresh bedding.
8.  Turn the bedding once every two days or so-to provide much needed air and to keep the bedding loose.  You can use a 3 pronged hand fork for this-purchased at a garden center.
9.  The bedding should be:  slightly wet at all times.  Add dry peat moss-if to wet:  add fruit (decomposing) as food-if the bedding is too dry-fruit adds moisture.  If you follow this method, you should never have to add just water-therefore you do not need holes drilled in the bottom or sides of your worm box for drainage.
10.  Change bedding every week or so-as needed-because your bedding will become very "fine" with black worm castings-as the worms work up its contents.  Use the worm casts on your household plants as fertilizer-nature's best plant food!  Remove the castings as soon as you can, as the worm castings can be toxic to the worms.
11.  In about 3 months your worms will have multiplied.  Move half the worms to another box, fish with them, or give them away.

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