Premium Bioplastic Cutlery

Trellis Earth Premium Bioplastic Utensil including Forks, Spoons and Knives
Trellis Earth Premium Bioplastic Utensil including Forks, Spoons and KnivesTrellis EarthTrellis Earth
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Premium utensils in Beige or Black

Heavier, fancier and more rigid than our basic cutlery.  Textured handles and a Trellis Earth logo on the back of each piece.
We took our basic cutlery and made it stronger, heavier, and more rigid. When you absolutely need the best!
Works beyond boiling, up to 248 degrees Farenheit.
Utensil Types:
 - Forks - 6.75" inches long
 - Spoons - 6.25" inches long
 - Knives - 7" inches long
Colors:  Beige or Black - carbon powder is as natural and organic a coloring as is possible, so we've decided to offer all our cutlery products in carbon powder black.
Quantities: Pack is 100 pieces - Cases are 1000 pieces (10x100)
Your will be pleasantly surprised when they see their takeout order packed with our eco-friendly cutlery.

Trellis Earth bioplastic cutlery is made from corn polymers, starches and complementary ingredients to create a blend that is 100% biodegradable and microwave or freezer safe.  These biodegradable utensils are just as effective as conventional plastic cutlery. Why force your customers to put your healthy food in their mouth on the edge of a toxin-laden plastic fork? Go that extra mile for your customers and offer them a complete eco-friendly dining experience.
Call for Pallet pricing - 888.928.9473

Make the right decision and switch to Trellis Earth bioplastic cutlery today!

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