Haven Manure Tea Assortment

Assortment Pack Natural Cow Brew Tea Conditioners
Assortment Pack Natural Cow Brew Tea ConditionersAssortment Manure Soil ConditionerSoil Conditioning Natrual Manure and Alfalfa Teas
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Get one of each!

Haven's Natural Brew Tea conditions the soil so your plant's root system can better absorb nutrients needed to build a strong, healthy root base.

Get an assortment of all three varieties of tea to ensure that you cover all of your gardening needs.  Cow, Horse and Alfalfa Natural Brew Tea for your garden and landscaping!  Each pack includes equal amounts of tea. 

Quantity: Three (3) and Nine (9) Packs

Our line of natural soil conditioner products are free of antibiotics, growth hormones and pesticides.  Our natural soil conditioner line, is packaged and shipped to you in environmentally minded packaging that is consumer friendly and easy to use.

What are the Benefits of Using Manure Tea?  You may be wondering why anyone would want to use manure tea in their flower or vegetable gardens. Why not just use a synthetic fertilizer for vegetables, herbs or flowers?  There are many benefits to using manure tea over chemical fertilizers and here we outline just a few.

Authentic Haven Brand Tea is completely all-natural. There are no chemicals or synthetic additives used at any point of the process. Our manure teas are completely compostable, even the 100% cotton tea bag.  Haven livestock are raised on native grass pastures and are rotated between several of these pastures throughout the year. This allows the livestock to graze and eat grasses just as nature intended. This process results in an all-natural, green and clean end product.

Its Far Less Expensive Than Chemical Fertilizers.  By comparison, manure tea is far less expensive than commercial, synthetic fertilizers. A 3-pack of horse or cow manure tea is $12.95 and makes over 20 gallons of premium soil conditioner. Try to purchase that much commercial fertilizer in a garden center and it could cost as much as twenty dollars or more!

Manure Tea Does Not Damage The Soil.  Chemical fertilizers damage the soil by killing beneficial microbes and fungi needed for healthy plant growth. These microbes and fungi are important to plants because they help build strong root systems and help roots to better absorb nutrients.  Manure tea does the exact opposite it helps to condition the soil so plant roots can better absorb nutrients and provides beneficial microbes.

Manure Tea Provides Nutrients & Minerals Quickly.  Most chemical fertilizers are a slow release, which can take days or weeks to begin taking effect. Manure tea acts fast to provide your plants with essential nutrients when, and where, they need it most.  Manure tea can be used as a foliar sprays misted onto plant leaves. This is ideal for indoor plants to give them a quick boost of nutrients.

You will have bushier growth, fuller blooms and better overall production by using manure tea.  Manure Tea Is Simplicity at Its Best.  There is not much else in the gardening world that is any easier to use than manure tea. Brewing manure tea is an effortless process and using it is even easier.  With chemical fertilizers, you have to worry about using too much or not enough.  Who has time for all that measuring and calculating?  Using manure tea eliminates all that because there is no measuring, no calculating, and you never have to worry about burning your plants.  Manure tea is completely all-natural and doesnt get any more simple than that!

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