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Howard Naturals is Earth Friendly, Kid and Pet Safe

With the Howard Natural Furniture Care Collection, cleaning will never be the same. You no longer have to use the harsh chemical products that can irritate your skin or even damage your furniture. Now you can treat yourself and your home to natural, earth-friendly products that really work.

Wood Cleaner & Polish uses a breakthrough formula which is a natural emulsified blend that utilizes only vegetable-derived ingredients along with essential oils. This greatly cleans water-soluble grime like food spills on a dining table, as well as oil-based dirt like grease on kitchen cabinets. The natural polishing oils enrich the patina and beautify all wood finishes including furniture, antiques and cabinets.

Wood Preserver combines beeswax, Brazilian carnauba and vegetable-derived ingredients with essential oils. The Natural oils and waxes protect and enhance the beauty of all types of finished and unfinished woods. We highly recommend choosing the same essential oil blend to follow up Wood Cleaner and Polish.

Upholstery Cleaner is natural and clear using vegetable-derived soaps. Howard Naturals added specialized essential fragrances. Howard Natural Upholstery Cleaner cleanses and refreshes. It is safer than chemical-based cleaners for gently removing food, dirt and grime from furniture, fine oriental rugs and even automotive interiors.

Break free from chemical-based cleaners. Create a healthier living environment and transform the chore of cleaning into a refreshing, revitalizing experience. With the Howard Naturals Furniture and Kitchen Cleaning Collections you can renew your home and your spirits while you clean.

Howard Naturals turned to the natural products industry to find the most innovative vegetable-derived ingredients, so they could develop the very best natural cleaning products possible - without using any petroleum distillates, ammonia, bleach, silicone oils or other chemicals. Then they took an extra step and added a specialized blends of essential oil fragrances to provide a touch of aromatherapy.

Howard Naturals is committed to continue bringing you the most effective, natural product collections for beautifying your home and enhancing your living environment.

Earth Friendly, Kid Safe and Pet Safe too.

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Kitchen Cleaner is great
(Unknown) 8/30/2008 9:58 AM
I use the Howard Natural cleaners all the time. They work great!

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