Fractal Side Table

Fractal Side Table
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Material and Finishes - Kirei Organo*

Beautiful pieces for any room

This side table is from the Organo collection which uses only natural, renewable materials to create contemporary furnishings with an emphasis on sustainability and health. This table has the following dimensions - 20" by 20" by 25" high.

For a Beautiful Healthy Home - The Organo line from Kirei is elegant contemporary furniture for everyday living. Each of the materials in this product is selected with care to reduce stress on our natural resources and eliminate toxic emissions in our homes.

Kirei is a Japanese word signifying many meanings, including Clean, Pure, Truthful and Beautiful. Kirei uses recycled products and efficient practices to reduce their overall impact on natural resources and the environment. Each of Kirei's products uses reclaimed, non-toxic materials to lessen their impact on natural resources and contribute to a clean, healthy indoor environment.

Reclaimed Materials - Kirei Board is manufactured from reclaimed agricultural fiber from the Sorghum plant grown around the world for food. The stalks of this plant are usually burned or thrown into landfills after harvest. By using them in the production of Kirei Board, this material is removed from the waste stream, reducing landfill need and air pollution, while giving rural farmers a new source of revenue from a previously unused waste material. Minimal amounts of wood are used as bonding strips, greatly reducing the need for newly harvested wood for building.

Low-VOC Emissions - Formaldehyde has been shown to be harmful indoor air pollutant present in high levels in many indoor spaces. Using Kirei Board and low-VOC finishes helps reduce these formaldehyde emissions and contribute to a healthier indoor environment. Kirei Board emits only trace amounts of naturally occurring formaldehyde existing in all organic materials. The KR Bond adhesive used in the manufacture of Kirei Board does not emit any formaldehyde into the ambient indoor atmosphere.

Kirei and LEED - Kirei Board is made from rapidly renewable, reclaimed agricultural fiber, with a low-VOC emission adhesive. While LEED does not certify materials, kirei board can help your projects gain credit toward LEED certification.

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