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Miessence Organic

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Nature gave you your skin, your hair, your nails, your eyes, your heart... and it gave you Miessence to look after them.  Our organic products cover every aspect of your life from skin and hair care through to household cleaning products, health care and all natural baby products.
Miessence features products from natural ingredients like Almond, Vanilla, Honey, Lemon, Aloe Vera, Geranium, Paprika, Mint, Anise, Sunflower, Tea Tree, Garnet, Ambrosia and anything else that nature gives us to keep you feeling fresh, pampered and most importantly... natural.
Nature puts back in what lifestyle takes away. A little about Organic Certifications.  Currently, body care products are not required to comply with the stringent organic food standards maintained by certification bodies such as the BFA and NASAA in Australia and the USDA in America, hence the plethora of so many "organic" body care products now on the market.  Since water is the primary ingredient in many cosmetics, some manufacturers are claiming to use organic hydrosols, or floral water, to green wash their products and make organic label claims whilst using the same synthetic toxic ingredients that would NEVER be allowed in organic food products.  We believe this practice has the potential to destroy the integrity of the organic name.
There are two levels of certification for organic food products that miessence skin care products comply with: products branded "miessence certified organics" are certified organic and bear the Australian Certified Organic logo, products branded "miessence organics" are either made with organic ingredients or are mineral-based products and bear the Biological Farmers Association (BFA) registered product logo.  The products branded "miessence organics" are either made with organic ingredients or are mineral-based products meet the strict ingredients and processing criteria in accordance with the United States Department of Agriculture's National Organic Program.