Biodegradable Meat and Food Trays

Biodegradable Food Tray
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Bioplastic Meat and Retail Food Trays

The Trellis Earth small food tray is great for use in a deli or meat department. Use it for fish, meat, prepared foods, or customer samples. The tray comes with ridges to help keep contents from sliding around and a lip to keep your quality product in its place. Because of their higher melting point than Styrofoam, our trays can accommodate any hot food. Trellis Earth trays are also safe to use in the refrigerator or freezer.
Trellis Earth bioplastic trays are made from corn polymers, starches and complementary ingredients to create a blend that is 100% biodegradable and microwave or freezer safe. Why sell your customers quality meats or prepared deli foods on an eco-hostile Styrofoam tray? Using Trellis Earth bioplastic food trays tells your customers that you care so much about your food that you don't want it packaged in anything but the best packaging available.
Trellis Earth bioplastic trays are a viable, non-toxic, styrene-free, disposable alternative to conventional Styrofoam deli trays. Made from corn polymers, starches and complimentary ingredients, our trays are 100% biodegradable. Their unique blend even allows our trays to be microwaved safely for reheating prepared food.

Measurements of Containers:
 - Small: 7.6" x 4" and 0.9" deep - Sleeve of 200 - Case of 2000
 - Medium: 7.6" x 5.7" and 0.9" deep - holds 16 ounces - Sleeve of 100 - Case of 1000
 - Large: 9.75" x 5.25" x 7/8" - Sleeve of 200 - Case of 1000

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