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Trellis Earth Bioplastic Bowls
Trellis Earth Bioplastic BowlsTrellis EarthTrellis Earth
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Bioplastic Bowls & Lids - several sizes

Trellis Earth biodegradable bowls are strong, durable, disposable dinnerware. There are several sizes.  These bowls are the perfect size for holding snacks, single servings of rice dishes, or desserts like pie or cobbler.
Types and Quantities:
 - Small:  12 oz - 1.4"h x 6"w - 12 ounces - Sleeve 200 items - Case 1200 items
 - Large:  2.2"h x 7.9w - 32 oz w/o lid - Sleeve 125 items - Case 500 items
Trellis Earth bioplastic bowls are made from corn polymers, starches and complementary ingredients to create a blend that is 100% biodegradable and microwave or freezer safe. Waiter, there's styrene in my vegan corn chowder! Styrene is a suspected human carcinogen and neurotoxin and is in every Styrofoam product. Styrene migration occurs when the styrene leaves the Styrofoam and actually enters the food that's being held in the container. Styrene is fat soluble and stays in the body, so each exposure increases the total amount of styrene hiding out in your customers. And guess what? Hot liquids (like soup) increase the rate of migration. Styrene may not look as bad as a fly in the soup, but it's just as unhealthy.
Trellis Earth bioplastic bowls provide a viable, non-toxic, styrene-free, disposable alternative. Made from corn polymers, starches and complementary ingredients, our bowls are 100% biodegradable. Our unique blend even allows our bowls to be microwaved safely for reheating. Now there's a bowl of soup that looks pretty good.

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