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AusPen White Board Markers
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Non-toxic and Refillable

Traditional whiteboard marker pens run out frequently, are wasteful, smell bad (usually from a chemical called Xylene), and are either lost or thrown in the trash shortly after purchase. 
But the AusPen is different - non-toxic, refillable and recyclable.  Created to keep toxic waste out of the landfill and toxic fumes out of the classroom.   Teachers really appreciate that AusPens easily erase with no residue!
Turn away from low quality, disposable products. Choose AusPens environmentally friendly marker pens and pay less for a product of the highest quality. AusPen gives you the best in the marketplace, the marker that costs less - both for your pocket and for our planet.
These marker pens are high quality aluminum so they last longer. The ink is Xylene free to protect your health. AusPen even has EEC health and safety approval. Inks come in bright colors - they are highly visible, easy to erase and give our pens a 24 hour cap-off life span.
Markers are also refillable. We estimate in the United States, some 400,000,000 marker pens are thrown out in the US schools each year. That means around 25,000 tons of marker pens go to US landfill annually. Imagine how that number increases when you add in business users!

Refillable markers though can turn one white board marker into twenty or more.  Using an AusPen refillable marker pen and ink bottle saves you and your environment the price of 20 ordinary marker pens. Just one of our refillable marker pens, with its small refill bottle, replaces 20 ordinary marker pens that would usually end up as landfill.  You can order additional refill bottles too - these marker pens are made to last so you can refill them over and over.

All marker pens are available with a Bullet Nib for a bolder line, or a Chisel Nib (right hand diagram) for a finer line. All nibs are reversible, so they last twice as long.
Your can order in a six pack (includes one pen of each color); order refill bottles (23ml of ink); or order a complete set which includes six AusPen whiteboard markers (one of each color) and six refill bottles - all packaged in a sturdy carrying case made from 100% recyclable molded plastic.
Additional product information:
- Pens come in six bold colors (black, blue, red, purple, green, orange)
- Are Xylene-free so they don't smell.
- Cut your costs dramatically
- Come in a handy plastic carry case, so your pens and your ink are where you want them.
- Manufactured with high quality aluminum.
- Carry cases are made from 100% recyclable molded plastic.
- 24 hour cap-off life span and does not dry out.
- Reinforced nibs to prevent fraying
- Nibs are reversible (because they are double sided) - this provides for a longer lifespan, and retains a heavy writing line longer.

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