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Revolve Portable Water Filtration Bottle
Revolve Portable Water Filtration BottleRevolve Filtered BottleRevolve Filtered BottleRevolve Filtration TechnologyRevolve Filtration Technology
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Safe Water Anywhere

Tired of worrying about the quality of your tap water?  The Clearly Filtered Reusable Water Bottle brings the power of state-of-the-art water filtration everywhere you go. Just fill up from any tap water source and enjoy pure, clean water without any odors or tastes.

Made from durable 18/8 Stainless Steel and 100% BPA free plastics, our bottles are of the highest quality. Contoured shape fits your hand for comfortable use. Convenient Leash Strap & Carabiner for quick and easy attachment.

NOW with Anti-Fluoride Technology for up to 90% removal of Fluoride INSTANTLY.

Holds 27 ounces of liquid - Dimensions: 12”x3”x3” - Weight: 12oz

Not only do these bottles hold water, they are designed to filter the water right as you drink!  Redefining bottled water, the Tap Water Filter Bottle offers the convenience of water on-the-go with an environmentally sound methodology and a health-conscious resolution.

Featuring a 2.0 micron filter with patented Guardian anti-microbial technology, you can fill up from any freshwater source without worry.  If it can filter water from a lake, river or stream, it definitely can handle what’s coming out of your kitchen tap.

Demand the best, get your Clearly Filtered bottle today!
Great For Emergencies – Drink water from any freshwater source
Great For Everyday Use – Removes Chlorine & Heavy Metals from Tap water
Great For Saving Money – Will save you hundreds of dollars by replacing overpriced bottled water
Filters typically last the average user 100 gallons (or 6 months use). Sign up for our VIP club today and never forget a replacement filter!

Replace filter every 6 months or when flow becomes restricted. Bottle holds approx. 27oz of water.  To filter the water you must sip water upright through the straw assembly.  Flow will improve once filter is broken in.

The greatest part about Clearly Filtered products is the filter doesn’t need to be cleaned!

The products are designed not to require regular maintenance. The material inside is made from Medical Grade plastic that prevents mold from growing inside the bottle.

Here are a couple suggestions to keep your filter bottle in tip-top shape:
 - use soap on the filter
 - place filter in dishwasher
 - place bottle in freezer
 - use with hot water
 - use with salt water
And remember to always use to bottle upright. The filters at the bottom, so tipping it works against the product’s design.

When to replace the filter? When the flow becomes restricted (approximately 100 gallons or 6 months, whichever comes sooner)

Patented Water Filtration Technology
Our patented water filtration systems are proven to effectively remove chlorine, agricultural and industrial pollutants, heavy metals, sediments, microbes, and pharmaceuticals from your daily water supplies. Tested and approved under rigorous EPA/ANSI standards and NSF protocols, our portable water filtration system is the best way to hydrate from your local tap water.
US Patents: 6,136,188; 6,136,189; 5,609,759 and 5,914,045.

Make the Change to Revolve today - Better Water, Better Life, Better Planet

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